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Chimney Sweep & Repair in Seattle, WA

Most experts say that whether or not you use your fireplace, your chimney still needs to be swept regularly. Although it may sound strange, it’s the ideal thing. Unfortunately, the common assumption by some locals in Seattle is that a chimney should not be swept if it is not used.

Statistics have shown that very few homeowners based in Seattle clean their chimneys as they should be. Meanwhile, the disadvantage of not properly sweeping the chimney a few times a year could put your family at risk.

Aside from that, chimney sweep in Seattle may seem expensive but this depends on the company you opt for.

Our Chimney Sweep Services in Seattle

At Eco Chimney Solutions we provide the best chimney sweep in Seattle and our offer comprises of the following:

Removal of Soot

Usually, soot from the wood from around the chimney after long usage. We ensure that we sweep off any form of soot in your chimney to ensure a healthy home.

Eliminating of Creosote

We will Clear debris such as creosote that forms from the fire in a wood. Creosote is toxic and usually clogs the chimney.

Cleaning the Fireplace

As part of our chimney sweep, we also ensure that the Chimney is cleaned properly.

Creosote Formation Solutions

We also provide methods that would help in reducing the formation of creosote in the future.

Full Chimney Analysis

As part of our service, we analyze the state of your chimney before carrying out a chimney sweep/repair. If repairs are required, our prep report states so too.

We are Committed to Excellent Chimney Sweep Seattle Service

As part of our high standards, we make sure to follow strict compliance to the code of performance and ethics.
Since our services are based in Seattle, we are active members of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Besides that, we conform to all the standards and ethics required for a proper chimney sweep service.

Why we are the Best Seattle Chimney Sweep Company

chimney sweep Seattle
Eco Chimney Solutions has distinguished herself from other Seattle chimney sweep service providers. Unlike other chimney sweep companies, the satisfaction of our clients remains our major focus.
Aside from that, we take every client seriously. No wonder we keep getting referrals and recommendations.

Attention to Details

Although it seems like a usual slogan, however, at Eco Chimney Solutions we ensure that every detail is attended to.
Also to make it easier for our clients to follow up with our services, we also provide a comprehensive quote of our chimney sweep services.


We ensure that every dime spent in sweeping your chimney will pay off with a clean and safe chimney.
We make sure our clients see a reason to rehire us or even recommend our services to their friends.

Super Affordable Price

Meanwhile, Eco Chimney Solutions has an affordable price table. Therefore, locals in Seattle don't have to break a bank to hire our services.


We understand how difficult it is to make out time to sweep your chimney. So we have set out convenient appointment plans that would suit your busy schedule unlike other chimney sweep in Seattle companies. Just call Eco Chimney Solutions customer service to book an appointment.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The only reason we are still in business after 15 years of being in the chimney sweep business is that we take the satisfaction of our clients seriously. More so, we have also discovered that most of our new clients are referred to us by our satisfied customers.

Recently, we are also hoping to expand our tentacles to other cities. Our services are gradually moving to other locations. Apart from offering the best chimney sweep in Seattle, we are moving to places like Washington, etc. Tell your friends of our chimney sweep Seattle Wa branch.

Check Out Our Records

We at Eco Chimney Solutions are very proud of what we do. Also, we have kept a good record over the years with our numerous customers. In fact, our impeccable records speak for themselves.

As a matter of fact, There very few chimney companies based in Seattle that are as old as we are. For the past decade and a half, our team has provided locals in Seattle the optimal chimney sweep services. Interestingly, we are not stopping anytime soon.

Consequently, we hope to expand our scope and pray that you will make us your permanent chimney sweep in Seattle’s go-to company.

Contact the Best Chimney Sweep in Seattle!

You can contact Eco Chimney Solutions for the best chimney sweep services. But that’s not all; we also carry out fireplace cleaning. Now you know, the next question often asked “is Eco Chimney Solutions near me? Yes, Eco Chimney Solutions is just a phone call away.

Lastly, Eco Chimney Solutions offers one of the most affordable chimney sweep services in Seattle. We provide the best chimney sweep in Seattle for the past 15 years.