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Affordable chimney sweeps in Seattle, WA area

As we all know, winter is here! The beauty of a chimney is that it provides a great source of comfort for homeowners. It regulates the home’s temperature to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. It also provides a passage for smoke and combustion from your home, which can be toxic.

It is crucial to find professional chimney sweepers to maintain your chimney. There are various chimney services available for use.

However, who doesn’t love to save costs? There are very affordable chimney sweepers that will provide excellent services for your needs, and they will save your pocket. This post will provide some of the best affordable chimney-sweepers, prices, availability, and location.

Affordable chimney sweeps: Why is it needed?

  • A chimney sweep is required by law and is governed by bodies such as the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) and Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).
  • Irrespective of how often you use your chimney, it is recommended to clean and sweep at least once a year. National Fire Protection Association Standards provide this recommendation.
  • Not cleaning chimneys can result in the production and emission of toxic substances that are dangerous to the human body. One of the primary jobs of a swept chimney is to redirect toxic substances and smells away from home.
  • It also leads to the buildup of soot, creosote, and tar.
  • Early detection of chimney blockage or other problems can help reduce costs when discovered early.

Affordable chimney sweeps: List View


Affordable Chimney Sweeps Website Location Price
Eco Chimney Solutions https://ecochimneysolutions.com/ Seattle Full chimney sweep – $59

Chimney inspection – $32

United Home Services https://unitedhomeservices.com/ Nationwide Chimney sweep and inspection – $145
Chimcare https://www.chimcare.com/ Seattle Price is dependent on the job schedule.
Genesis Home Services http://genesishomeservices.com/ Seattle Chimney sweep and general inspection – $179
A-Clean Chimney & Contracting https://acleannw.com/ Seattle Chimney cleaning and inspection – $220
Pristine Sweeps https://pristinesweeps.com/ Seattle Price is dependent on the job schedule.


Affordable chimney sweeps: Detailed explanation

United Home Services

United Home Services is a multi-purpose provider of home-related chimney services. They offer garage doors, roofing, chimney sweeps, air ducts, dryer vents, AC installation and repair, and home insulation. They are located nationwide and can provide services upon a job schedule that can be done on their website. They offer the following chimney services:

How to Repair a Chimney Flue

  • Chimney cleaning/relining.
  • Bird/animal removal from chimneys.
  • Chimney smoke correction.
  • Inspection and evaluation.
  • Leak/flashing/brick/chimney crown repair.
  • United Home Services offers various chimney installation services, such as chimney caps and gas logs.

Pristine sweeps

Aaron Woodward created the pristine sweep in 2008. Pristine sweep boasts of delivering pristine services to its clients. The company offers the following chimney services:


  • Chimney leaning and sweep
  • Creosote and soot removal
  • Chimney evaluation and detailed inspections
  • Pristine sweeps offer troubleshooting services to its clients.
  • Renovation, relining, and restoration

Eco Chimney Solutions

Eco chimney solution is one of Seattle’s most affordable chimney sweep service providers. The company offers a variety of chimney-related services to homeowners. Their services include:


  • Soot removal: Eco chimney solutions prides itself in removing soots from chimneys. Soot is generated through combustion, and it affects the overall functionality of chimneys.
  • Creosote elimination and solutions: Creosotes are toxic substances and should be removed once noticed. Non-removal of creosote can lead to chimney clogging, amounting to extra expenses.
  • Fireplace Cleaning: Eco chimney solutions also provide chimney fireplace cleaning.
  • Analysis: Eco Chimney Solutions provides detailed analysis and evaluation for chimneys. You can rest assured that with Eco Chimney Solutions, you will get the best out of your money.

Why Choose Eco Chimney Solutions for Your Chimney-related needs?

Eco Chimney Solutions has proven itself in consistency, performance, and delivery. It continuously retains its right as one of Seattle’s top chimney service providers, and the feedbacks gotten by previous clients are just so excellent.


They offer attention to detail, value for money, affordable pricing, and they provide comfort to their clients like no other. Get in touch with Eco Chimney Solutions and get solutions to all your chimney needs.

Eco Chimney Solutions: Contact details

The company is accessible through:

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