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The average cost of chimney sweep services (USA)

Before engaging the services of a professional, it is vital to know the cost of any expenses that may arise. If you want to avoid being cheated or know the average chimney sweep cost, this is the article for you.

You will find information about the average cost of a chimney sweep, what chimney sweeps regulatory bodies approve prices, and which chimney sweep is best for your chimney needs.

NFPA 211 (National Fire Protection Association Standard 211) approved average chimney sweep cost ranges between $100 – $500. Different levels of inspection are available with varying costs and packages.

Level 1 inspections deal primarily with chimney maintenance.

Level 2 inspections are when major work begins. Prices can reach $500 for professional services at this level.

If you need a level 3 chimney inspection, you will have to spend quite some money. When structural damage has occurred to the chimney and parts must be repaired, a level 3 inspection is performed.


Cost (average)


Approved average chimney sweep cost $100 – $500
Minimum approved cost of a chimney sweep. $80
The maximum approved cost of a chimney sweep. $5000
Level of inspection cost $80-$200; $100-$500; $1000-$5000

Average cost of chimney sweep: Type of chimney

  • Gas-type chimneys: Professional chimney sweep for gas-type chimneys ranges from $80-$130.
  • Pellet stoves: The cost of a professional chimney sweep for pellet-stove chimneys ranges from $130-$200.
  • Masonry chimneys: The average cost for a professional Masonry chimney sweep is $200.
  • Wood-stove chimneys: The cost of a professional chimney sweep for wood-stove chimneys ranges from $150-$300.
  • Wood-burning chimneys: The average cost for wood-burning chimneys ranges from $85-$100, and for those with built-up soot or creosote, it costs an average of $800 for a professional chimney sweep.

The need for a chimney sweep

Chimney sweeping should be done if you use your fireplace frequently, especially during the winter. If you use your chimney at least three times a week, it is highly recommended that a chimney sweep be done at least once a year, i.e., annually.

A chimney sweep prevents the formation and accumulation of substances, such as soots and creosote. A clean chimney allows for proper house heating functions. There are various signs to know that a chimney needs sweeping. Signs such as:

  • Presence of oil patterns on fireplace walls.
  • When the fire from the firebox isn’t burning properly
  • Unpleasant odors from the firebox
  • Presence of animal nests.
  • Smoke blockage.
  • Difficulty in getting fire to start in the firebox.
  • Presence of chimney soots in the chimney.

Prices for chimney sweep related services

Other chimney sweep services Price
Chimney crown repair. $100 – $400
Chimney Cap. $100 – $500
Wood-stove / Pellet chimney sweep. $100 – $300
Dryer vent. $100 – $300
Fireplace sweep. $150 – $300
Gas/oil fireplace sweep $150 – $250
Fireplace rebuild $500 – $3000

Choosing the best chimney sweep: Eco Chimney Solutions

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Chimney Sweep Brush: What is it and how it works

Eco Chimney Solutions has proven itself in consistency, performance, and delivery. It continuously retains its right as one of Seattle’s top chimney service providers, and the feedbacks gotten by previous clients are just so excellent.

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Their track record in the industry of Seattle chimney sweeps helps them establish their presence.

With over 15 years of experience, they have never failed to deliver top-notch services to clients. In contrast to other chimney sweep companies, they are committed to the satisfaction of their clients. Pricing:

Services Price
Chimney Sweep – Full sweep of your chimney. $59
Chimney Repair – Repairs all small to medium damage to your chimney. $99
Chimney Inspection – Full evaluation, inspection, and detailed report. $32


Eco Chimney Solutions: Contact details

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