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Chimney sweep in my area (Seattle, WA)

Are you looking for a residential chimney service that prioritizes customer service, affordability, and job delivery? Eco Chimney Solutions is the right choice for you. Their services are available to homeowners. The company provides personalized services, so you can rest assured that you will receive your expected service.

Trying to handle a chimney sweep in Seattle area without professional help can be cheap; however, it is not recommended. DIY chimney sweeps have several disadvantages, especially for people with no experience doing such a project.

Chimney sweep in my area: Eco Chimney Solutions

Eco Chimney Solutions is located in Seattle and offers its services across all parts of the state, making it the better choice for chimney sweeps in your area. According to a report, residents believe that a chimney shouldn’t be swept if not used often.

As experts have shown, this belief is wrong. Chimneys require cleaning at least once a year, irrespective of the number used. Thankfully, recent statistics have shown that the residents of Seattle are employing chimney sweeps to take care of their chimneys.

Eco Chimney Sweeps: What is great about the company?

Depending on the client’s needs, the company offers many services. They don’t mislead clients. Eco Chimney Solutions’ positive feedback is a testament to the quality of services they provide.

Eco Chimney provides clients with unique, budget-friendly services. As one of the best chimney service providers in Seattle, they can confidently compete with other companies. When it comes to cost, Eco Chimney can never be beaten. Pricing:


Services Price
Chimney Sweep – Full sweep of your chimney. $59
Chimney Repair – Repairs all small to medium damage to your chimney. $99
Chimney Inspection – Full evaluation, inspection, and detailed report. $32

Eco Chimney Solutions: Chimney services

  • Soot removal: Eco chimney solutions prides itself in removing soots from chimneys. Soot is generated through combustion, and it affects the overall functionality of chimneys.
  • Creosote elimination and solutions: Creosotes are toxic substances and should be removed once noticed. Non-removal of creosote can lead to chimney clogging, amounting to extra expenses.
  • Fireplace Cleaning: Eco chimney solutions also provide chimney fireplace cleaning.
  • Analysis: Eco Chimney Solutions provides detailed chimney inspection analysis and evaluation for chimneys. You can rest assured that with Eco Chimney Solutions, you will get the best out of your money.


How to Repair Chimney Damper

Why Choose Eco Chimney Solutions for Your Chimney-related needs?

They offer attention to detail, value for money, affordable pricing, and they provide comfort to their clients like no other. Get in touch with Eco Chimney Solutions and get solutions to all your chimney needs.


Why is Eco Chimney Solutions the best chimney sweep in my area?

Several features have helped Eco Chimney Solutions set itself apart from other Seattle chimney sweep companies. As a chimney sweep firm, we place a high priority on client satisfaction, unlike our competitors.

Can Eco Chimney Solutions be trusted to be the best chimney sweep in my area?

The track record we have in the industry of Seattle chimney sweeps helps us establish our presence. With over 15 years of experience, we’ve never failed to deliver top-notch services to our clients. In contrast to other chimney sweep companies, we are committed to the satisfaction of our clients.

  • What are the perks to choosing Eco Chimney Solutions as the best chimney sweep in my area?
  • Value: At Eco Chimney Solutions, we firmly believe that every dollar spent on chimney sweeping is a worthwhile investment. The company has kept a clean and outstanding record since its inception.
    They possess impeccable records which rival other companies. Eco Chimney is one of the very few chimney companies based in Seattle that has withstood the test of time.
  • Attention to Details: At Eco Chimney Solutions, we pay attention to every detail. We also provide a complete quote of our chimney sweep services to our clients to follow up with our services.
  • Budget-friendly: We offer affordable prices at Eco Chimney Solutions. It is one of the significant advantages of choosing us as the best chimney sweep in the area.
  • Convenience: We know it can be challenging to find time to have your chimney swept. We offer convenient appointment times to accommodate your busy schedule. Get in touch with us today!

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