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Chimney Sweep Kit: What is Included There?

Whether you are cleaning your chimney yourself or hiring a professional, a chimney sweep kit is a must-have. The kit is basic chimney sweep equipment used by both unprofessional and professional chimney sweeps.

What does a chimney sweep kit contain?

The chimney sweep kit contains six chimney sweep tools. These include;

1.    A flexible chimney brush

The brush comes in different shapes and sizes. You need to select what’s suitable for your chimney.

2.    Adjustable rods

Most chimney sweep kits come with 12 adjustable rods, which can cover a 10-meter distance when combined. You need to accurately measure your chimney’s height to know the type of kit to purchase.

3.    A pair of gloves

Using a drill adaptor to adjust rods as the brush moves high up the flue may cause some friction to your hands. A chimney sweep kit comes with a pair of high-quality gloves to prevent injury to your hands.

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4.    A fireplace cover

Chimney sweeping is no clean business. You need to cover up your fireplace and seal it with tape to avoid messing up your working station and prevent property damage.

5.    Tape

This is often used to seal the fireplace cover, and ensure the debris does not make its way into the living area.

6.    A drill adaptor

You will need a drill adaptor when connecting your rods to reach the furthest corner of your chimney.

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Why you need a chimney sweep kit

A chimney sweep kit is the bare minimum of chimney sweep tool requirements. For homeowners who want to save money, getting a chimney sweep kit is the first step to a clean chimney.

We highly recommend using a chimney sweep kit on chimneys that have been recently cleaned. If your chimney has been out of use for long or accumulated much soot and creosote, you may consider getting a chimney professional with adequate tools.

A chimney sweep kit can be an effective tool in regular chimney maintenance when professional expertise is not needed. An occasional maintenance sweep will keep your chimney free from soot and creosote buildup throughout the year.

Can you create a makeshift Chimney Sweep Kit?

Saving money by putting our creativity to work can be both fun and satisfying. Some resourceful homeowners would rather save a few dollars in making their own makeshift chimney sweep kits. Usually, such kits have a rag tied up on several rods. The downside of makeshift chimney sweep kits is that they are highly ineffective and can potentially cause structural damages to your chimney. Moreover, a makeshift chimney sweep kit can cause injury to your hands and eyes. The aftermath of a cleaning session using makeshift equipment can be a total disaster.

To keep yourself and your home safe and sound, buy a chimney sweep kit from a reputable physical store or online shop. Some are sold as cheap as $43, while others may cost a few hundreds of dollars. Whatever you do, do not purchase a second-hand chimney sweep kit. Most of them come with a myriad of functionality problems and may give you unsatisfactory results

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