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A Chimney Sweeper or Cleaning by Yourself: What should you choose?

Let’s be honest. We all want opportunities to save some money and feel great about ourselves-even if that means getting covered in soot from head to toe.

There’s a lot of information on the internet about DIY chimney cleaning.  You have probably watched YouTube videos that make chimney cleaning look like regular vacuum cleaning. But is it?

With all the information available on DIY chimney sweeping, you are probably wondering whether to hire a chimney sweeper or clean your chimney yourself.

Why you should hire a chimney sweeper

Chimney sweeping goes beyond pushing a chimney brush up and down a flue. It has certain complexities that only a trained chimney sweeper can hack.

This is why we recommend you choose a chimney sweeper over yourself. A professional sweeper knows what to look out for when inspecting a chimney. Most of them also have a variety of tools to help with specific tasks like removing bird nests and pests.

In addition, chimney sweeps understand how to identify structural damages in chimneys. They can quickly and professionally perform necessary repairs without causing additional damages.

Certified chimney sweepers have an obligation to take regular lessons on current trends in the chimney sweeping industry. Such chimney sweeps are armed with the knowledge, skills, and expertise that you can’t find elsewhere. With this knowledge, you shouldn’t be hesitant to choose a chimney sweeper over yourself.

Why Cleaning the Chimney by Yourself is a Bad Idea?

Even though you can save hundreds of dollars a year by cleaning yourself, it may not be a great decision for many reasons. Chimney sweeping is generally an unsafe job. It is twice as unsafe if you lack the necessary tools.

You risk inhaling the carcinogenic elements in soot and suffering serious health complications. A lack of skills may leave polluted air in your home and result in property damage from the chimney debris.

If you happen to choose yourself over a chimney sweeper, you risk causing additional damages to your chimney by using DIY tools. When using a top-bottom approach to clean your chimney, you may slip and fall off your roof. If you are lucky, you may break a rib or two. If not, you may end up with serious bodily injuries.

Knowing when to call the chimney sweep company

Even though a DIY can sometimes give you the results you need, the following situations will warrant choosing a chimney sweeper over yourself:

  • If you haven’t cleaned your chimney for a long time.
  • After a period of regular chimney use. This is mostly during the cold seasons.
  • If the soot buildup is more than 1/8th thick.
  • When the region around your fireplace is turning darker.
  • If smoke fills up your house whenever you light up a fire.
  • When the fire is weak.
  • After long periods of not using your chimney.

To be safe than sorry, always choose a chimney sweeper over yourself.

The millions of internet chimney sweep articles and videos are not enough to make you an expert sweep, or anything close to one. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt to remember that most things that appear cheap may come with expensive consequences.


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