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How to get birds out of a chimney?

Leaving your chimney unattended will get you surfing the net, looking for how to get birds out of a chimney. Because birds are always free, they look for and use even the littlest opportunity to feel at home.

And if your chimney is their chosen spot, they lay their nests. 

Sometimes these birds fly into the chimney by mistake, and because there is not enough space for the birds to flap their wings, they get stuck.

But if the chimney provides enough space, they get free enough to make a nest, especially if the chimney feels right for them.

But sadly, the chimney is not the right place for them. This is why you need to step up, help them and help yourself by doing a couple of things.

Do not worry; we have steps lined up to help you in this mission. Although having birds resting on your chimney would make a perfect picture, it could serve as a hazard for them and you.


2 Ways to get birds out of your chimney


When you notice a bird in your chimney, you can use loud sounds to chase it away.

Loud sounds like that of a sound emitter or banging pots/pans.

Banging pots might stress your hands, but sound emitters will not. They are less harmful to humans but offensive enough to scare birds away. However, this method cannot work for birds stuck in the chimney; it will only stress them.



This method is effective but might cause some screams from people who are scared of animals. Birds in the chimney can be trapped either in the fireplace or in the room. For the fireplace, these are how to get birds out of your chimney:

  • Get a box and cardboard wide enough to cover the opening of the box. Also, get a broom and have a flashlight in hand. You can use a towel in place of the cardboard if you do not have one. No, the broom is not for hitting the bird. It’s for directing the bird to the window if it flies out of the box.
  • Use something like a stool or chimney grate to boost the box high enough to cover the chimney. Such that there is no room for the bird to fly in it and out. 
  • Switch on your flashlight and shine it into the box. This will attract the bird into the box. You can put some bird seeds inside the box as bait. Keep the flashlight on and hang somewhere while you make your way quietly to the box. 
  • Wait until the bird flies into the box, then cover it immediately with a cardboard or towel. Slowly carry the box outside and set the bird free.


To trap the bird in a room;

  • Close all the exit spaces, leaving just one window open.
  • Lure the bird out by using bird seeds or noise. When it flies out into the room and rests, approach it slowly and toss a towel over it. 
  • With the towel wrapped around it, take it to the window and let it go. Or you could use a broom to direct it to the window. 

Now that you know how to get birds out of a chimney, here are some things you could do to keep them out. 

  • Install a Chimney cap: A chimney cap covers the chimney and prevents birds and other elements from entering the chimney. 
  • Use Bird spike: Bird spikes or nails are pointy and provide no comfort for birds to stay in and on your chimney. With this, they will not come close to your chimney. 

Whatever method you choose to use to get rid of birds, be careful not to harm them. This is because there are laws guiding the protection of some birds. With that said, smoking a bird is not how to get birds out of a chimney.






Sadly, No. It’s not entirely safe. Birds can have pathogens and germs around them, which might not be safe for humans. If you have to touch them, make sure to wash and sanitize your hands. 
Chimneys provide protection for birds while also serving as an excellent lookout point. On a chimney, birds are far from their predators, and the heat from the chimney during winter keeps the birds warm.
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