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How to repair broken chimney bricks

Chimneys are often composed of bricks, and regular use can lead to broken chimney bricks, which must be repaired right away. Chimneys are constructed to allow smoke to exit the structure.

It must be in perfect working order to ensure its usefulness and functionality. Chimney bricks will degrade over time, mainly due to wear and strain.

This situation can occur for various causes, including frequent chimney use, improper chimney component installation, and natural forces like rain and wind. A comprehensive chimney brick repair is necessary for the problematic areas to avoid damage.

Due to the chimney’s age, chimney bricks may need to be repaired in some cases. A chimney deteriorates with time, necessitating the replacement of various sections to ensure that it continues to function correctly.

The approach also applies to non-frequently used chimneys. A chimney must be maintained regularly as long as it is on the roof of the building, exposed to various circumstances that reduce performance.

Not all chimney bricks need to be replaced in most situations of fractured chimney bricks. Only a few parts need to be repaired. 

Damage to chimney bricks may not have an immediate impact on your chimney’s effectiveness.

However, when the chimney bricks break down over time, your chimney will be harmed. Early detection and repair of cracked chimney bricks may save you a lot of money by avoiding the need to replace the entire chimney.

Only licensed chimney brick repair professionals should perform chimney brick repairs. It is not advised for DIY chimney brick repairs. It is, however, no problem if you have such experience. Just keep in mind to take all required safety precautions.

Causes of broken chimney bricks

The brick and mortar quality is a primary cause of damaged chimney bricks. Mortar is a necessary component for preventing chimney bricks from breaking over time. 

Mortar is a paste-like material used in the building of chimneys. It functions as a glue between the chimney bricks and the rest of the chimney’s components.

When the mortar isn’t correctly formed, it prevents brick expansion during the thaw or freeze process, and bricks that aren’t correctly linked together leak water.

Weather conditions such as rain, fog, or cold temperatures, faulty chimney construction, sandblasting, or pressure washing are other reasons for chimney brick deterioration.


How to repair broken chimney bricks

Although self-repairing a chimney is not feasible, it is not encouraged. It is preferable to use a professional chimney repair service for your broken chimney bricks. A DIY chimney brick restoration is not a simple task, but it is still possible.


Equipment needed:

Equipment Equipment Materials
Wire brush Garden hose Mortar
Paintbrush Safety glasses Masonry sealer
Caulk gun Pointing trowel Rags
Putty knife Ladder Latex gloves
Masonry chisel Hammer High heat mortar



  1. Put on safety wear.
  2. Make sure to repoint the chimney brick mortar.
  3. Apply caulk to the chimney flue and crown.
  4. Make sure to patch visible chimney crown cracks.
  5. Visible hairline cracks should be patched with sealants.
  6. Repair the affected chimney crack bricks.
  7. Where the damage is severe, remove the damaged brick and replace it.


The danger of broken chimney bricks

The chance of a chimney brick breaking is a big worry for residents’ safety. It is advised that a chimney repair be done as soon as the problem is discovered. The following are some of the dangers linked with chimney breaks:

  • Risk to the household’s health and safety
  • Complete collapse and damage to the chimney
  • Damage to the structure of the chimney.
  • Water leakage into the chimney.

The purpose of chimney bricks is to provide support for the chimney. If the bricks begin to break off owing to deterioration, dampness, or other factors, the entire chimney structure may be compromised, resulting in collapse. Falling chimney bricks can potentially cause harm to the home or property around it if they land in the fall zone.


What is the cost of broken chimney brick repair

The cost of an average broken chimney brick repair ranges between $175 – $1,000. The standard cost ranges between $4,000 – $10,000. Costing:

Broken chimney brick repair Average cost
For less than 10 broken or cracked chimney bricks $175 – $500
For more than 10 broken or cracked chimney bricks $750 – $1,500
Masonry cracks or break $300 – $1,000
Crumbling chimney bricks $350 (cost of 10 brick repairs each)


The best chimney service provider for your broken chimney brick repairs

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