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How to Repair Chimney Damper 

The chimney damper is responsible for controlling the flow of smoke that comes out from the fireplace. Aside from that, it also controls the ventilation of the chimney.

If the chimney damper has any problem, it will hamper your effective use of your fireplace. Usually, the damper gets damaged over time because of its continuous contact with heat and cold air.

Although it takes a relatively long time before the chimney gets bad, therefore a lot of people don’t think about replacing it.

More so, if the chimney damper gets bad, the only solution is to fix it. But first, what is a chimney damper?

Chimney Damper: What is it All About?

The chimney damper is the lid or seal that is inside the chimney flue. More so, a chimney damper is often referred to as a throat damper too. Not to mention, the chimney damper covers the flue and its function is mainly to prevent cold air from flowing into your chimney. 

If the chimney damper is bad, it would allow cold air into the chimney and in turn, your home would be very cold even when the fireplace is lit. 

Common Problems Associated with the Chimney Damper

A chimney damper that is not properly maintained would experience any of the following problems: 

  • Cold Air Drafts: When you notice that cold air is passing through your chimney in a downdraft thereby entering your home and disrupting the heat from the fireplace. When this happens the house would be very cold even when the fireplace is lit.
  • Smoke: Also, when the smoke from your fireplace is not escaping properly. This would make the entire house smoky.
  • Broken Damper: Most often the damper plate of the chimney often gets broken too. Sometimes it falls into the fireplace if it is not properly fixed.

This sought of chimney-related issues is probably why the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends chimney sweep every 12 months. 

Step by Step Instruction of How to Repair a Chimney Damper

Now you know how to identify a faulty chimney damper, let’s discuss the simple ways to repair a chimney damper.

  • Removing Debris: One of the reasons the chimney damper often gets faulty is the blockages caused by debris and creosote. If the debris and creosote are removed, it will prevent it from blocking the hinges of the damper. If the creosote buildup is too much, you may have to replace the damper.
  • Clean Frame: Also, you may need to clean the frame where the damper plate rests. Usually, the debris and rust cause increases the damage to the chimney damper. 
  • Damper: You may need to replace the damper plate if you have cleaned other parts of the damper. The damper plate is often better replaced when it’s worse than repairing it.

After this, check if the chimney damper opens and closes effectively. If you notice that it still allows smoke to get into the house, then you may need the assistance of a chimney sweep professional. 

How to repair a chimney by yourself

Wrapping Up

Certain parts of the chimney require a professional touch. No doubt the chimney damper is one of them. Besides, it is usually unpleasant when smoke or cold breeze flows down draft into the fireplace.

Imagine if you were asleep and smoke starts traveling into the house because the chimney damper is damaged. Such a situation can affect your health immensely.

Don’t hesitate to call a chimney sweep professional to seek out your chimney damper issues. Fixing a chimney damper is no child’s play. It’s sensitive and not advised to be done without the supervision of a professional chimney sweep.


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