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Level 1 chimney inspection cost

Because of the desire to keep warm and cozy by a fire in the winter, a level 1 chimney inspection might help you save money upfront. That said, a clogged chimney may cause havoc.

The obstruction might be caused by a bird’s nest or the buildup of toxins, which prevents the proper functioning of the chimney.

Smoke and scents are dispersed around the room rather than going up the chimney due to this obstruction, making it difficult to breathe correctly.

You don’t have to be concerned, though, since a chimney check may help you avoid this issue.

What is a chimney inspection?

A chimney inspection is used to look for buildups and blockages in a chimney. This check is performed to determine if a sweep is necessary. A yearly inspection is recommended, although it may be conducted whenever necessary.

You’ve undoubtedly heard that cleaning or inspecting a chimney should be done only if you use it often.

That is not right. You should get your chimney examined if you want to use it again after a lengthy period of inactivity.

In the case of a chimney problem, a level 1 chimney inspection may help you prevent further damage.

Level 1 chimney inspection

A level 1 chimney inspection comprises a visual assessment of the chimney without the use of any additional equipment. Fortunately, you do not have to climb up the chimney.

It is possible to assume that you are ready to perform the check as long as you have a flashlight. The inspectors, too, use flashlights. The problem is that you may not detect or see as high up as a chimney inspector.

A chimney inspector has been trained to detect even the slightest alteration or displacement in a chimney and would do a more effective job even if they used a flashlight as you intended.

Cameras are also often used by professionals to investigate the insides of chimneys.

After the inspection, the inspector will let you know if there are any issues, and if necessary, the chimney will be swept if you agree and are willing to pay an additional fee.

The suggestion of an extra payment may lead you to believe that it is costly. No, it is pretty inexpensive and well worth it. The additional fees are only incurred if your chimney is in need of repair.

What is the Level 1 chimney inspection cost?

A level one inspection ranges in price from $100 to $950, which depends on several factors, such as chimney size, flue numbers, and usage count.

It’s a good idea to have multiple chambers and flues if you’re burning a range of fuels. Even if it means paying a little more, it’s critical that all of them get investigated.

To minimize any unexpected costs, it’s a good idea to know how much the service will cost. The cost for flue inspections for homes with more than one flue is shown below:

Number of chambers/flue Price range
$79 – $200
2 $160 – $400
3 $240 – $550
4 $300 – $900

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

Yes. According to the National Fire Protection Association, Standard 211, chimneys, vents, and fireplaces should be inspected at least once every year. This is to check for soundness, correct clearances and ensure that it is free from deposits. Then cleaning, maintenance and repairs should be done if necessary. Inspecting your chimney before use or routinely ensures and confirms that the chimney is safe to use.
Since there are different levels of chimney inspection for different chimney problems, the time varies. But a level 1 chimney inspection does not take time. It takes up to 20 to 30 minutes to finish.
Sure, it can. Although gas is a smokeless, less worrisome gas to use, other things can spoil the soundness of a chimney or block it. These things include bird nests and other forms of debris.
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