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Level 2 Chimney Inspection in Seattle

What is a new house without the assurance of safety?

Although a home might seem like a new and secure place to live, the chimney might indicate otherwise. A level 2 chimney inspection lets you know the chimney’s status.

It also allows you to have confidence in its safety when in use because what good is a chimney’s integrity if the owner doesn’t trust it?

As long as you did not build the home, the chances that the chimney might have issues are possible and unknown unless you have expertise in chimney inspection and repairs. Having a faulty chimney is quite expensive.

With the help of our experts at Eco-chimney Solutions, we will help you confirm if you made the right choice in purchasing that new home or having your home inspected.

When Should Level 2 Chimney Inspection be Done?

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, a chimney check should be performed at least once a year. That aside, other circumstances warrant a level 2 chimney inspection, which includes:

When a home is about to be bought or sold

A new home does not mean a chimney in good working order. And besides, it’s been written by the NFPA that before a place is listed for sale or bought, its chimney should be checked.

Change of fuel or method of use

A level 2 chimney inspection is performed when the fuel used in the chimney is replaced. For instance, a move from burning wood to using natural gas. This is to see if the switch in fuel impacts the chimney lining. It is also done to know which fuel type is compatible with the chimney.

A natural disaster

When a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, happens, the force of the event might cause a destructive impact on the chimney, such as a rip in the chimney lining, a bowed chimney crown, fissures in the chimney crown, wall, or even a collapse.

An extended period of use

A level 2 chimney inspection is performed to determine whether the chimney is still strong enough to last for that time or if a new one must be erected.

A level 2 chimney inspection must be completed before a home may be listed for sale. If not, the seller could be held responsible for any damage caused by the chimney to the new inhabitants. Sellers end up regretting not doing a chimney inspection because they end up paying huge legal fees.

Why Have a Level 2 Chimney Inspection with Us?

Work history

Eco Chimney Solutions’ work is a labor of love, and it shows. Over the years, we’ve worked with a diverse group of clients and built up a good reputation for ourselves. For decades, we’ve delivered outstanding outcomes.

Few Seattle chimney firms can say they’ve been in business for more than a decade like we do. For the last fifteen years, we’ve been providing chimney services to the people of Seattle.

We’re obsessed with the smallest of things

It doesn’t matter how basic or complicated your chimney is; Eco Chimney Solutions can handle it all. For this reason, we charge a flat rate for all chimney services.

This category includes crowns, brickwork, and flashing. In order to ensure that no chimney is left neglected, we at Eco-Chimney Solutions have established economic pricing choices. When using our services, you won’t have to fork out a fortune.


An in-depth study of the chimney system demands specific equipment even though the level 1 chimney inspection is included in the level 2 chimney inspection. Furthermore, trained specialists can often only operate it in most circumstances.
If you are moving into a new home or have been in the same house for a long time, you should seek the services of a chimney inspection service provider to guarantee the safety of your chimney. Inspections of the firebox and flue, as well as recommendations for repairs, are the duty of the specialist.
It’s possible to find a company that can give you what you require. On the other hand, we provide a wide range of chimney services, including inspections, repairs, sweeps, and more. Additionally, we’ve been around for a long time and have a proven track record of providing excellent service to our clients, making us a perfect choice for your chimney needs.

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