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Level 3 Chimney Inspection in Seattle

Chimney inspections must be performed at least once each year. However, it is possible that a chimney will not be subject to a level 3 chimney inspection for the duration of its existence.

A chimney inspection at this level reveals the most significant issues. Performing a thorough check of the chimney at this level often necessitates the removal of specific parts.

Amateur chimney inspectors may cause damage to the chimney liner or a hole in the wall. Qualified inspectors and reputable chimney inspection businesses like Eco-Chimney Solutions are required to accomplish this level of chimney inspection.

When Should Level 3 Chimney Inspection Be Done?

Following a level 1 and 2 chimney inspection:

The chimney is visually evaluated during a level 1 chimney inspection without the use of additional equipment.

You can breathe easier now that you won’t have to climb a chimney. Having a flashlight on hand means you’re ready to go through with the examination.

Even if you were to use a flashlight, our chimney inspectors are trained to identify even the tiniest changes or displacements in a chimney, and they would still be able to perform a better job.

Our experts also often utilize cameras to inspect the chimneys. The interior and exterior of a chimney are also evaluated during a level 2 chimney inspection. When purchasing a home, it is also wise to have a level 2 chimney inspection performed.

What Do We Do Next?

After the level 3 chimney inspection has been performed and the problems have been remedied, we will conduct a second inspection. If you give us the go-ahead, we’ll do a chimney sweep and make sure your chimney is safe to use.

Because of its intricacy, you would expect the level 3 chimney inspection to take a long time to complete, but this is not the case.

So that your day’s plans aren’t derailed, our experts have been specially trained to carry out this inspection quickly yet completely.

Why are we the best chimney inspection provider?

We know that finding the time to have your chimney brickwork inspected and repaired, especially if you have a busy schedule, may be a challenge.

As a result, unlike other Seattle chimney repair businesses, we have developed a scheduling system that allows us to accommodate your needs.

Call Eco Chimney Solutions’ customer service department and we’ll work with you to find a time that works best for you to have your chimney fixed.

With Eco Chimney Solutions, the goal of every chimney inspection and repair project is to get the most bang for the client’s buck possible. Additionally, we guarantee that our clients will return to us or even suggest us to their friends by providing them with exceptional service.

To determine the extent of the issue and the best course of action, a thorough inspection is carried out before any repair work is done on the chimney.

Eco-chimney Solutions is a great option for chimney inspection because of our outstanding customer service. In addition, testimonials from contented customers support this claim.


Approximately 16,000 houses throughout the nation participated in a poll, which revealed that the average cost of a chimney cleaning is $252. There is a broad variety of pricing for chimney cleaning services available. The expense of maintaining a well-maintained wood fireplace is between $85 and $100 for each cleaning. Damage caused by years of negligence might cost as much as $800.
Following a fire or an earthquake, you will have this kind of inspection performed on your chimney to ensure that it is safe to use and that it does not represent a threat to your family’s well-being. According to the CSIA, this level of inspection is required in order to sell your home.
Always do your homework before enlisting the services of a professional to do a level 3 chimney inspection. When asked to describe the issue with the chimney, “professionals” who scratch their brains or stammer should not be hired. Eco-chimney Solutions, a recognized business in chimney inspections and sweeps, is just what you need. When necessary, our professionals may do an inspection and sweep your chimney, as well as provide you with information regarding your chimney. Contact Eco-chimney Solutions for all of your chimney inspection and repair needs. In addition to our low rates, one of the best benefits of working with us is the flexibility we provide.

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