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What is the Chimney flashing repair cost

Chimney flashing repair is critical for homeowners because it reduces the need for costly chimney sweeps and repairs.

If you don’t fix your chimney flashing, it might lead to water infiltration, which can cost you a lot of money in the long run.

Just because you flashed your chimney once doesn’t mean you’re done. You may need to repair your chimney by flashing if you have recently experienced a chimney leak or observed rust spots in your fireplace.

Chimney flashing inspection should be done at least once a year since it can uncover chimney problems early on before they become costly to fix.

Non-inspection and repair of a chimney’s numerous components, such as the flue, linear, firebox, cap, crown, and so on, can result in water penetration, ember escape, flue obstruction, brickwork, or crown cracks. A chimney flashing repair occurs in three stages:


  • Step flashing: Step flashings are rectangle pieces of metal 90 degrees from the center to fix chimney flashing. The most common use is for roof-to-wall chimney flashing. Many flashing pieces are layered with shingles to help direct water away from the wall.


  • Counter Flashing: Finished with a cap or counter. It is a continuous piece of steel bent forward and over the flashing to be waterproof. Upon installation, it will be shaped like an inverted L and placed into a vertical masonry wall. It is usually found inside a groove in the masonry carved into the chimney and used to cover up the step flashing.


  • Base Flashing: The flashing around the upturned edges of the waterproof membrane on a roof is known as base flashing. Metal and material flashings are connected between a roof and a vertical surface. The base flashing protects the chimney’s base against water entry.

Signs to show you need chimney flashing

The signs that a chimney’s flashing needs to be repaired are clear. A chimney was designed to last for a long time with no problems.

A chimney’s lifespan can be significantly reduced if not properly maintained, cleaned, swept, or inspected. The following are some of the signs to show that your chimney needs to be repaired:

  • Leaking from the chimneys interior or exterior
  • Dripping sounds of water from the rooftop when there’s clear evidence of the absence of rain
  • Discoloration of bricks around the surrounding chimney area
  • Presence of rust in the chimney
  • Interior ceilings or walls are covered with water stains.

The cost of chimney flashing repair

There are different variations of chimneys, and their type directly impacts the chimney flashing repair cost.

The cost of some materials is lower, and working with them is more straightforward than with others.

If the chimney flashing has been correctly placed, but there is still water leakage, applying polyurethane caulk or other primary forms of flashing materials may be sufficient to solve the problem.

Chimney flashing repair pricing table

Chimney Type Chimney flashing repair cost
Metal $250 – $1,200
Mansory $300 – $1,500
Prefabricated $250 – $1,200

Type of common chimney repair

Type of common chimney repair Cost
Cap $100 – $250
Flue $300 – $2000
Crown $750 – $1000
Flashing $200 – $300
Mortar $150 – $500

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