Chimney Cap Repair in Seattle

The fireplace and chimney is a complex structure that comprises so many components. More so, all the components of a chimney work together to provide the needed heat during winter. 

Interestingly, the chimney cap is one of the very important parts of the chimney. Nevertheless, the chimney cap inspection is often neglected by most homeowners in Seattle. The chimney cap protects your fireplace against intruders like animals. 

Aside from that, the chimney cap is highly needed for the optimal performance of your fireplace.

What We Offer

At Eco Chimney Solutions, we understand the importance of a chimney cap. Therefore, we offer the best chimney cap repair in Seattle.

Chimney Cap Inspection:

At first we will do a full chimney inspection to see what needs to be fixed

Chimney Cap Installation:

If your chimney cap is damaged or needs a replacement, our team of technicians can also help you install one. Before we install a chimney cap, we consider the size of your fireplace and other factors. In other words, we aim at proffering the best chimney cap for your fireplace.

Chimney Cap Repair:

Sometimes a chimney cap may get damaged because of harsh weather conditions. However, Eco Chimney Solutions technicians can also help you repair the chimney cap to function properly. Meanwhile, if you need an entirely new chimney cap, we would not hesitate to inform you.

Chimney Cap Maintenance:

To preserve the lifespan of your chimney cap, you need to carry out maintenance at least thrice a year. Don’t forget, the chimney cap wades off moisture, dust, and other debris from entering your fireplace. If they become accumulated, it may block the ventilation to your fireplace.

Chimney Cap Sale:

We also sell affordable chimney caps. More so, our chimney caps are durable and long-lasting. Our customers are guaranteed 100 percent satisfaction for any chimney cap purchase.

Customized Chimney Cap:

A customized chimney cap comes in handy if you can’t find an already made chimney cap that suits yours. Eco Chimney Solution can customize a chimney cap that would suit your property at an affordable price.

Advantages of Our Chimney Cap Solutions

There are so many benefits why you should hire us to solve your chimney cap problems. Our technicians understand the importance of a chimney cap, hence we are always careful while carrying out installation, maintenance, or any other chimney cap solution.

Keeps Water Away

If your chimney cap is not properly installed, water and moisture would enter your fireplace. We use advanced equipment to install your chimney cap firmly. Also, we test run whether or not rain or moisture would get into your fireplace after installation.

Efficient Heat

To ensure that your fireplace provides the needed heat, our technicians carry out specific analyses of your chimney to know which type of chimney cap would suit your property.

Prevent Animals

During the winter, animals often prefer a warm place to settle. Considering the heat that comes out of the chimney some animals often want to get into the fireplace through the chimney. Eco Chimney Solutions provides chimney cap repair solutions that would not allow animals to enter into the fireplace.

Certified Ok!

Eco Chimney Solutions is certified okay to install, maintain, or carry out any other function related to the chimney cap. 

Our services are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

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