Chimney Inspection in Seattle

“Discover any fault in your chimney within the shortest time.”

Even if you barely use your fireplace, there are a lot of things that may happen without your knowledge. Considering the amount of rain, snow, and wind in Seattle, your chimney may deteriorate slowly.

A study carried out recently, showed that 90 percent of chimney related issues could have been solved if it was dictated on time. The only way to discover any faulty part of your chimney is via an inspection. 

Do you remember the adage “prevention is better than cure?” That’s exactly what a chimney inspection would help you avoid. The cost of a chimney repair is far higher than a chimney inspection in Seattle. 

So why not take the lesser option. Carry out regular chimney inspection to avert any damage to your chimney.

Our Levels of Seattle Chimney Inspection

At Eco chimney Solutions we offer three levels of chimney inspection. Most often the damage done on your chimney determines the level of chimney inspection that would be carried out.

Level One Chimney Inspection:

This level of inspection often has to do with a visual check of the fireplace and chimney. We may not require any special equipment to carry out this level of inspection. Also, at this level, our experts would be looking out for creosote buildup, soot, damage, or any obstruction.

Level Two Chimney Inspection:

We recommend this level of inspection for clients who have experienced an earthquake or a destruction weather condition such as a tornado or hurricane. Also, if you just bought a new how then you need to carry out a level 2 chimney inspection. This may require our experts to visit your roof, attic, and crawl spaces to search for disrepair. Furthermore, a video scan and other sophisticated forms of equipment would be required to do this.

Level Three Chimney Inspection:

At this level, our experts may have to tear down and rebuild the walls of the chimney. We regard this stage as “destructive and intrusive”. The essence is to investigate the level of damage already done to the chimney.

We Offer the Best Chimney Inspection in Seattle

There are so many reasons why we are the most sought after chimney cleaning and inspection in Seattle. The first is that we:

Carry Out Due Diligence:

No matter your chimney may look, our experts are trained to ensure that the most reasonable remedy is proffered. Our inspection approach is usually to nip the problem in the bud before it escalates.


We offer an accurate and precise solution to your chimney problems after our thorough inspection. Our team is pristine and careful in carrying out any level of chimney inspection.

Cost Friendly:

You can barely find any company offering our price of inspecting a chimney. No wonder our clients don't hesitate to call us for a chimney inspection. In all, our chimney inspection cost is pocket-friendly.


At Eco chimney Solution, we usually tell our clients the implication of not fixing any problem we discover after a chimney inspection.

Inspect your Chimney Now!

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), a chimney should be inspected yearly or before moving into a new home you just bought. As a member of the CSIA, we also advise our clients to follow through with this. You can invite us for an inspection when you notice any of the following:
  • A crack on your chimney wall
  • Leakage from the attic
  • Soaked chimney walls
  • Soot in your chimney
  • Buildup of creosote on the wall
  • Presence of blockages

After our inspection, we would provide you with a precise report of the possible damage to your chimney. Very few companies that offer chimney inspection in Seattle do this.

Optimal Satisfaction

At Eco Chimney Solutions, we offer nothing short of 100 percent satisfaction to our clients. Aside from our prices being pocket friends, our technicians attend several courses to improve their knowledge.

As a member of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), we can offer nothing short of the best. Our company is bound by the CSIA regulations and ethics. As a chimney company based in Seattle, we also conform to all the laws and regulations regarding chimney inspection in Seattle.

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You don’t need to search any further. Eco Chimney Solution is your best bet as far as chimney inspection in Seattle is concerned. Our firm belief is that without you, our business would not function.

Therefore, we offer optimal and cost-effective chimney inspection in Seattle. Our experts are on the ground to attend to you. Get quotes of chimney inspection near me.

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