Chimney Repair Seattle

“We offer quality chimney repair services in record time”

According to experts, one of the major signs that your chimney needs repair is when you see cracks. However, depending on the crack, the chimney may collapse if it’s not repaired immediately. More so, the best solution is to engage the best chimney repair company.

If you must know, very few companies offer quality chimney repair Seattle. Don’t get it wrong, you can find a few but not all know how to repair a chimney properly.

Chimney repairs are technical, if it’s not done efficiently, it may affect your home.

So you want to Repair your Chimney

Eco Chimney Solutions provides effective and efficient chimney repair in Seattle. Our chimney repairs in Seattle services comprises of the following:

Replacing Cracked Bricks:

As easy as it may seem, replacing cracked bricks wrongly can collapse the entire Chimney. Our technicians are trained to use the right tools to replace cracked bricks without causing any damage to the chimney.

Patching Cracks:

Sometimes, not all cracks in your chimney require replacement. Our team at Eco Chimney Solutions uses advanced tools to test the plausible effect of every cracked brick. Depending on the outcome of the test, we may patch the cracks permanently.

Chimney Crown Repair:

The crown of your chimney is very vital for optimal performance. If you notice any challenge with your chimney crown, then it probably needs some repairs. Our team at Eco Chimney Solutions can check it out and provide an effective solution.

Chimney Cap Repair:

If your Chimney cap is licking or it has gone off, when it rains, it would pour into your attic and damage your ceiling and walls. A mesh chimney cap can also prevent critters from getting into your chimney.

Chimney Flashing Repair:

From our research, a well-fixed chimney flashing can last for at least 10 years or more. If it's not fixed properly, it may develop issues quickly. Our technical support team is always handy to repair your chimney flash.

Why Our Chimney Repair in Seattle Services Remains the Best

Eco Chimney Solution is renowned for offering top-notch chimney repair in Seattle that lasts for the test of time. In fact, our chimney repairs outlive the expected life span. Usually, some companies that offer chimney repairs, carry out shabby work so that the customer would come to call them again.

There comes a time when you no longer need quantity but quality. At Eco Chimney Solutions we prefer a few satisfied customers than to get calls from unsatisfied clients. Our business is to provide effective and sustainable chimney repairs for all our customers.

Eco Chimney Solutions Repair Outstanding Features

Frankly, one of the key things that make Eco Chimney Solution stand out is our drive to satisfy our customers. We are in business because of you! So why won't we make you happy?

Besides, if our customers write bad reviews about our business, in less than no time we will fade off. Check out other impressive features about Eco Chimney Solutions;

Creative Solutions

Are you aware that not all chimney defects require major repairs? Sometimes, you just need a few patches here and there and your chimney is fit for use again. However, where a major repair needs to be carried out, our technicians would also inform you. Most companies that offer chimney repair in Seattle often take advantage of minor issues to drain customers their money.

Competitive Price

Most often the cost of repairing a chimney makes most locals opt for alternative solutions that are not adequate. Eco Chimney Solutions offers competitive price quotes for every repair. You can barely find chimney repair in Seattle Company that offers close to our prices.


To ensure that we attend to all our customers, we provide flexible appointments to suit your time. Also, as soon as we book an appointment, our technicians are always on time to commence with the repairs.


Our team are well-trained experts that undergo regular training. More so, we ensure that every team member puts in their best in carrying out any chimney repair in Seattle. Eco Chimney Solutions hates excuses!


Eco Chimney Solutions have been around for the past 15 years and we don’t feel like leaving any time soon. Our company has grown over the years, therefore we have a reliable team.


To ensure transparency, we provide a detailed quote of all our repair prices and stages. With this, you can follow through and inspect our work when it’s completed. Meanwhile, at each stage of the repairs, our experts are always available to respond to any queries.

Provide Assessment and Feedback

If you notice any damage to your chimney, you can reach out to us for assessment. In the same vein, we would provide you with feedback. Our assessment also includes quotes and chimney repair costs.

Our Seattle Chimney Repair Customer Support

Our team at Eco Chimney Solutions understands the importance of being accessible and reachable. We have trained and friendly customer support agents that are always available to respond to your queries.

More so, you can also book an appointment via our customer support instead of visiting our offices. Aside from that, you can reach out to Eco Chimney Solutions if you have chimney-related issues. We can help you seek out some minor issues on the phone too.

Certified and Verified

Eco Chimney Solutions is a certified member of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). But that's not all; our services are monitored and regulated by the authorities in Seattle.
Going forward, we have always ensured that our personnel undergoes thorough training to improve their knowledge. Therefore, Eco Chimney Solutions conforms to all standards and ethics expected of a chimney company based in Seattle.
For the past five years, we have always run a training and retraining program for all our technicians. In addition, our technicians are experts who undergo individual training courses sponsored by our company. Notably, Eco Chimney Solutions is covered by several insurance policies.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

As the number one company offering chimney repair in Seattle, we don't joke about customer satisfaction. It's only a business that wants to fold in no time that would joke with their customer satisfaction policy.
Assuming we could, we would have offered a money-back guarantee but that's not necessary because we offer top notch chimney repairs. Do you know that the lifespan of a chimney should be up to 10 years without repairs? No matter how damaged your chimney is, be rest assured that Eco Chimney Solutions can fix it.

Our Record Speaks Loudly

At Eco Chimney Solutions, we have a policy of “doing the work and doing less talk” In other words, we prefer our work to do the talking for us. Our chimney and fireplace repair services are one of the best.
What about our chimney flu repair? You are sure of getting optimal service delivery from Eco Chimney Solutions. Why are we in business if not you!

The Best Chimney Repair Near Me

Don’t wait any longer, give Eco Chimney Solutions a try today and get the best repair services. Eco Chimney Solutions is just a call away. Our sales representative is on the other side of the phone waiting for your call. No doubt, Eco Chimney Solution offers the best chimney repair Seattle.