Chimney Repair Tacoma

A cozy fireplace during the winter is what you need to keep warm. However, behind a sizzling fireplace, there is a chimney drawing out the smoke and hot flue gases. 

No matter how beautifully designed a fireplace is, a faulty chimney would harm your fireplace and also compromise your safety at home. In most cases, a repair is all that is needed to fix the chimney.

A damage caused by harsh weather conditions may require a thorough tearing down of the chimney. Considering the cost of fixing a chimney in Tacoma, you need an efficient chimney repair company to fix all your chimney-related problems. 

Welcome to Our Chimney Repair Services in Tacoma

As a local chimney company based in Tacoma, we specialize in repairing and fixing all faulty chimneys and fireplaces. Eco Chimney Solution offers chimney repairs in Tacoma including but not limited to:

Brick Replacement

If the chimney suffers a crack or split, then you need a competent chimney repair company to fix it. At Eco Chimney Solution, our technicians carry out due diligence to check the extent of the damage. If the brick is badly damaged, then our technicians can help you replace the bricks.

Chimney Leakage

Fixing a leaking chimney requires a lot of expertise. In some cases, the leakage may not be coming from the chimney cap as often suspected. Our technicians use advanced equipment to detect the leakage. Roofline leakages are difficult to detect but we are equal to the task.

Chimney Wood Rot

At Eco Chimney Solutions, we also fix chimney wood rot. The extent of the wood rot would determine if it would be replaced or fixed.

Deteriorating Mortar Joints

To seal your deteriorating mortar joints, we use mixtures that would hold the brick firmly for a long time. If the right mixture of mortar is not used, the brick can fall off and collapse the chimney wall.

Tilted Chimney Repair

A leaning chimney stack indicates that your chimney has some issue at the foundation. Our technicians often check the horizontal mortar joints level test to detect the problem. If the chimney foundation is affected, we would use an advanced mechanism to fix the problem so it doesn't affect the entire property.

Chimney Cap Repair

A faulty cap could cause a lot of problems to your fireplace. For instance, if the chimney cap is leaking, your fireplace may be flooded and also cause damage to other properties. We have the technical know-how to fix a chimney cap or probably build a customized cap if that would solve the problem.

Eco Chimney Solution Offers 100% Quality Assurance

As members of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) we ensure that we provide top-notch quality to our clients.

Also, Eco Chimney Solutions is covered by various insurance policies including but not limited to accident insurance coverage. Our team of technicians receives regular training to beef up their skills. 

Furthermore, we understand that we are in business because of you. Therefore, we provide long-lasting chimney repair solutions for Tacoma homeowners. Not to mention, Eco chimney Solutions also carries out chimney repairs, inspections, etc., in Seattle and other counties.

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