Chimney Sweep Edmonds

No doubt Edmonds is usually very cold during the winter. Lighting up your fireplace is one of the best ways to stay warm. Imagine trying to light up your fireplace and you discover that your chimney is faulty. That would be disheartening.

Also, a chimney sweep is the best way to stop a chimney fire outbreak. If the chimney remains un-swept for too long, creosote and blockages may occur. Furthermore, if the creosote, soot, or blockages are not swept on time, it may lead to a fire outbreak from the chimney.

Therefore engaging the services of the best chimney sweep company based in Edmonds is important. 

Eco Chimney Solutions Services in Edmonds

Since we joined the chimney sweep business 15 years ago, we have provided chimney sweep in Edmonds that have lasted the test of time. Our chimney sweep in Edmonds services comprises of but not limited to the following:

Removing Creosote:

If your chimney has not been swept for a long time, then it's likely that a lot of creosote may have formed in your chimney. Creosote is dangerous and too much of it in your chimney can block it and cause harm to your health. Our technicians use advanced equipment to detect whether or not the level of creosote in your chimney has become dangerous.

Brushing off the Chimney Flue:

When the combustion products in your chimney flue are too much, it could cause a serious blockage. If this is not checked on time, it could start a fire from the chimney.

Cleaning the Fireplace:

Depending on the type of fossil fuel you use, your fireplace needs to be clean regularly. It’s only a clean fireplace that would produce the needed warmth without any offensive smell.

Eradicating Soot:

According to various health research, inhaling soot can cause various health hazards including cancer of the lungs. No wonder the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) has recommended cleaning the chimney at least once yearly.

Customized Solutions:

Apart from cleaning your chimney, we also build chimney caps, crowns, and other parts of the chimney to suit yours. Sometimes because of the peculiarity of a chimney, finding a ready-made part may be difficult. If that’s the case with your chimney, be sure that Eco Chimney Solutions got you covered.

No “Mess” Guaranteed

At Eco Chimney Solutions, our standard procedure includes using vacuums, drop cloths, shoe cover, and other equipment to ensure that your home remains clean even after we have left. Our technicians don’t want to create another mess after carrying out a chimney sweep service in your home.

Why We are the No 1 Chimney Service Provider in Edmonds

Eco Chimney Solution guarantees a thorough and perfect job all the time!
Naturally, the chimney sweep business is quite dangerous. Therefore, it's important to hire a chimney sweep service provider based in Edmonds that is licensed, bonded, and insured.
We engage the services of professional chimney technicians to be part of our team. Eco Chimney Solutions has been around since 2006 and our records speak for themselves.
Not to mention, Eco Chimney Solution is a member of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). We also belong to other chimney professional bodies like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). With all these credentials, there is no way Eco Chimney Solutions can undermine our services.

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